The wealth level determines several things for the Sims that live in the city, such as their initial Education Quotient, preferred mode of transportation, and the wealth level of other development. Wealth is divided into three levels: §, §§, and §§§.

  • Characteristics of R-§ level:
    • More likely than all other R-types to commit crime.
    • Initial EQ/HQ is 20/20.
    • Uses mass transit for 80% of trips, uses car for 20%.
  • Characteristics of R-§§ level:
    • Workforce demand for R-§§ workers is highest
    • Initial EQ/HQ is 40/40
    • Uses mass transit for 30% of trips, opts for whatever way is fastest 70% of the time.
  • Characteristics of R-§§§ level:
    • Low-density, high wealth buildings consume great space
    • Initial EQ/HQ is 60/60
    • Uses mass transit for 10% of trips, car for 80%, and whatever way is fastest 10%.
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