This guide will show you how to easily progress through the game and experience everything in less than a month. (Not saying that the game will become boring or something after that). There are still updates, events etc.. There are 4 stages of the game, and the extra 5th one that involves trading/buying.


First thing to do (NOT a stage)

Note: It is NOT my problem that you can not buy this, if you don't, it might take an additional month+

A Feeder City might come in handy

1 EUR = 1.06 USD

Stage 1; The Beginning of the Game

After you have bought the Daily SimCash perk, claim your rewards and lets start this!

So, as a first thing, place your Building Sup. Shop just like shown in the picture below

Place it exactly here, unless you like hide and seek with your stuff.


Place your factories far far away from the city! (Unless u hax and u has nano tech fact0ry at lvl 1 xD).

Start making neighborhoods like this behind your main road (near the mounts) at the position shown in the picture below:


This location (right: NeoMall

Now, you should unlock the Hardware Store. Plop it exactly at the other side of the road next to the BS Store. The next shop should go next to the BS Store, and then next to the Hardware and then repeat.

After you build the Global Trade HQ and the Trade Depot you're pretty much done with this stage, just make sure you have done the requirements below, if you haven't, I don't suggest moving on!

  1. Level 12+
  2. Population 12,000+
  3. Small Factories < Basic Factories
  4. Trade Depot (Useful for earning money and in Stage 5)
  5. Global Trade HQ - to buy stuff you need

To end this stage, you need to be Lvl. 12 and at population 12,000+!

Stage 2; The Industrialization.

Starts at Lvl. 12, pop. 12,000.

At this stage of the game, you are going to start building higher quality factories like the Mass Production Factory. And again, get them as far away as possible, I suggest at the top of the tops in the right hand side (As close as possible), it's up to you wether to connect them with roads for visuality or not, that may change in the future.

So lets get started, first, try obtaining at least 1 MP Factory. And building the Gardening Supplies, Donut Shop and the Fashion Store. Try accumulating about 100,000 Simoleons and 100 SimCash.

Afterwrards, win leagues for Platinum Keys that WILL be extremely useful at stage 4-5.

Ends at Lvl. 24, pop. ~60,000

Stage 3; The Epicage

Starts at Lvl. 24, pop. ~70,000

To start this stage, start building an Epic Project for Education. That will help you and it will allow you to use the building for educational and residental purposes which is highly useful!


Stage 4; The Tomorrow (Aka Endgame)


[EXTRA] Stage 5; Tradetime

That's about it, I'll update it as soon as a new update comes out!

GreenBoxGuy (talk) 11:41, February 26, 2017 (UTC)