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A tornado as seen in The 2013 game.

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A tornado passing through a neighborhood (SimCity 4)

Tornadoes are disasters that appear in all SimCity games, except SimCity Societies. They are very similar in that they make their way over land, destroying buildings in the immediate area. In the original SimCity, SimCity 2000, and SimCity 3000, tornadoes were uncontrollable and had the ability to travel over water.

In SimCity 4, the tornado functions a little differently by comparison to previous titles.As a tornado moves through the city, it will completely destroy its surrounding area, with the exception of roads and rubble. Unlike its older counterparts, tornadoes lose the ability to travel over water, but they can now be controlled by the player.

When a tornado reaches the edge of the map or the waterline, it will dissipate, a large flat swirl effect will be in place followed by a cloud swirling up into the sky.

In SimCity Creator for DS they appear in the Dawn Of Civilization age, the American Prosperity Age, and the Global Warming Age if you had picked Asia Development Age before it.


  • In SimCity 4, Solar Power Plants are not destroyed by tornadoes despite being a low-level building.

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