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The Skywriting Plane is an aircraft available in SimCity 4Rush Hour's U-Drive-It Mode. It is only unlocked when you construct a Small Landing Strip, and it won't be seen taking off from airports including and larger than a Small Municipal Airport.

The plane can only land and takeoff from the Landing Strip, and aside from a free drive, you can choose to complete missions, should they become available.


Skywriting planes are Granville G-1 "Gee Bee" Super Sportsters equipped with a smoke canister. They can cycle through a range of smoke: white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & magenta.


  • The skywriting plane is the smallest plane in the game, without using modifications that alter its look.
  • When completing missions that require covering yellow squares, press the spacebar once to activate the spray, (and once thereafter if you wish to change the colour). If you continually press the spacebar, then even though the spray can be seen coming out, the yellow squares won't disappear.
  • If you leave the spray on for too long, the spray will eventually stop for a while, and you will have to wait before being able to activate it again.