The Skydiving plane is a flyable aircraft available in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This plane can be found under the aircraft menu, and can be unlocked by constructing a small landing strip. The purpose of the plane is to bring skydivers up into the air, where they will be able to jump off.

Various missions revolve around the skydiving plane, both good and bad missions. These missions can be started by clicking the mission indicator above the plane (if you have mission indicators turned on), or by clicking its icon in the aircraft menu when it has a yellow outline around it. 


The 'Space' key's function is used to launch skydivers out of the plane, and other than that, the plane uses standard aircraft controls; 'E' and 'C' to increase and decrease altitude, and the arrow keys to navigate the plane forwards, backwards, as well as turning.


  • Modifications exist to alter the look of the plane.
  • Like the skywriting plane and the crop duster, this plane can only land at the landing strip, and can only take off from there. Even if you leave the plane mid-flight, the AI will bring the plane back to the airport.
  • There is a glitch where occasionally, the plane will return to the incorrect airport if there are 2 landing strips in the city. It's unclear whether or not this is simply a glitch or a pathfinding error.
  • There are unlimited skydivers in the plane; no matter how many sims you launch out of the plane, you will never run out of new skydivers.