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SimCity Creator is the name of SimCity's Wii installment. SimCity DS 2 is also called SimCity Creator outside Japan. SimCity Creator was released in September 2008.


SimCity Creator follows the basic SimCity formula that sees players managing a city and placing residential, commercial and industrial zones, in addition to building facilities such as police stations, hospitals, seaports, and stadiums. However, players will also be able to customize the look of their buildings by choosing from several themed hero buildings that give themes to the city such as Egyptian, Roman, Japanese, European, Las Vegas, Asian and near-future styles, in addition to ones that result in a crystal or confectionery-like appearance to buildings. Players will also be able to tour their city, rendered in 3D graphics, in a helicopter or airplane.

Taking advantage of the Wii, the pointer function of the Wii Remote will be used to directly to draw curvy and straight roads and train tracks onto the map. Cities can also be shared among players through WiiConnect24. The game's advisors have been redesigned to resemble MySims characters.

Similar to SimCity 4, SimCity Creator features a day and night cycle, as well as a seasonal cycle last seen in the SNES version of SimCity. Players may tackle disasters including dinosaurs, giant robots, tornadoes, UFOs, and meteor impacts.


Zones: In SimCity Creator, the zones from the original games have returned. There are High, Medium, and Low density zones for each type. There is also a landfill zone which allows trash to be stored there. Each zone is color coded.

  • Residential (Green): Has housing for Sims to live and relax in.
  • Commercial (Blue): Where stores and office buildings are located.
  • Industrial (Yellow): Contains factories and warehouses.

Transportation: Zones must be connected by lines of transportation. Some of the transportation choices for your city are the following:

  • Curvy Roads: Roads which can be built by Holding A and "Painting the Roadways".
  • Straight Roads: Traditional SimCity roadways.
  • Highways: These allow large amounts of traffic, but they require on-ramps.
  • Railroads: Less expensive than subways, but they take up more ground space.
  • Subways: Although they are more expensive to set up and run than railroads, they can go under buildings.
  • Streets: Allows small amounts of traffic to get past. Can be connected to roads.


The game was first announced on February 12, 2008 as SimCity Wii by Sims label president Nancy Smith, along with other upcoming EA Sim titles including SimAnimals, MySims Kingdom, and MySims Party.


There are many disasters in the game. This list is incomplete.

  • Fire
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Drill
  • Meteor
  • Fire Breathing Dinosaurs
  • A dust storm that spins around and causes little damage
  • Giant Robots
  • Lightning
  • UFO
  • Giant hands pummeling the ground
  • Giant hammers pummeling the ground
  • A llama that runs and destroys and building in its way(a common reference in any sim games)
  • Giant smashing hands
  • Sets of boomerangs that fly around.

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