SimCity Classic is a 16-bit remake of the original SimCity. It was released in 1993 for Windows, Mac, DOS, and OS/2. A version that could be played for free was able to be cloud streamed on SimCity 4's and SimCity 3000's official website until 2012, when both websites ended their service, and successor sites did not continue to make the game available. The game required the user to sign up on the website to play, users could also save their progress to their accounts and the save games would be usable on both host sites.


The gameplay is mostly the same from the original SimCity but with updated graphics and background music. The sound effects are more realistic and some of the sound effects are used in SimCity 2000.

SimCity Classic Live

This version of the game was a free to play cloud streamed version and was available on the SimCity 3000 and 4 official websites from 2010-2012. When Simcity 2013 was announced, the Simcity 3000 and 4 websites were shut down and now redirect to the main Simcity website. During the merge, Simcity Classic Live was removed and is no longer available for unknown reasons. 

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