250px-Simcity64 boxart

The Japanese Simcity 64 Boxart

SimCity 64 is a city-building game exclusively for the Nintendo 64DD . The game was only released in Japan and requires a Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Add-On to play. Though SimCity 64 is based on SimCity 2000, it is rendered in full 3D Graphics.

New Features

SimCity 64 has several advanced features that SimCity 2000 and even SimCity 3000 were missing. Most notable is that the game was done in 3D, making it the first 3D game in the franchise. Players could explore their city by foot, bus, train, or helicopter. Players could talk to their sims and play hide and seek with them for extra money. This is also one of the few console games with modding support. For example using Mario Artist: Paint Studio , they could import a custom Sim.


In Game

Technical Problems

Severe problems were present in this version of the game. The game slowed down because of the strain the graphics put on the Nintendo 64's CPU and the graphics were unimpressive. That, coupled with the failure of the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, led to the unimpressive sales and was quickly pulled from shelves, along with the Disk Drive Add-On from Nintendo. 


Reviews on the game were mixed. In 2000, IGN gave the game a 6/10 saying it was "Okay", but could have been better. 1

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