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SimCity 4: Rush Hour is an expansion pack for SimCity 4. It includes features, old and new, most of which are transportation related. These include avenues, car and passenger ferrys, and more. Rush Hour also includes a new tool (Route Query) which traces the routes sims take to their destinations, and the type of transportation they use.

In addition, several mods for SimCity 4, including the Network Addon Mod (NAM), will only work with Rush Hour. Rush Hour is also included in the Deluxe edition of SimCity 4 and The SimCity Box.

Game changes

Transportation changes

  • One-way Roads: Are the same size as normal roads but only allow traffics in one direction.
  • Avenue: Are dual carriageway roads with the same size as highways, and bushes and shrubs in the center. The only way pedestrians could cross is when a road/street/one-way or avenue crosses it at an intersection.
  • Ground Highway: Are much cheaper than elevated highways and have the same capacity as the elevated highway. But is difficult to connect with roads, avenues, and one-way roads.
  • Elevated Highway: More expensive than ground highways but a relief for traffic and sometimes an eyesore.
  • Elevated Rail: Cheaper than subways to set up, though more expensive to run, the Elevated Rail connects to your subway network, but has the drawback that it disturbs surface infrastructure during construction (whereas subways can be built under houses, etc.
  • Toll Booth: Generates revenue from roads, avenues and highways. They also cause traffic delays and obviously only work when cars pass by.
  • Monorail: Works the same way as an elevated railway, which can pass over ground level road and rails; but are much faster and modern-looking than elevated railways.
  • Elevated to Subway: Connects elevated railways to subways.
  • Ferry: Can carry passengers on the water. They can be two types, passenger or passenger and cars.

Other changes

  • Route Query: Provides information as to where and how sims get to work and home.
  • Difficulty Levels: On the original SimCity 4, it was near impossible to get a sustainable city as running costs, i.e. for infrastructure like roads and for civic services, outweigh tax revenue. In Rush Hour, 3 difficulty levels were introduced, with the hardest identical to SimCity 4, and the easier levels having greatly amplified tax income. Toll booths were also introduced to raise money.
  • U-Drive It: An add-on which allows players to control cars, airplanes, boats, and other vehicles. Some vehicles contain special features such as the police car which has a siren. There are two modes of driving, Free and Mission mode. In Free mode gets to drive where-ever you want, while during a mission you must complete certain objectives within a certain time limit . A vehicle receives damage if it crashes into other vehicles, or is driven into water/land, and will eventually burst into flames and explode. The color diamond above a vehicle will change from green to red, depending on the current state.
  • UFOs: A new disaster which causes a large UFO ship to appear which flies around firing lasers. It can also spawning three more 'baby' UFOs which will fire lasers of their own.
  • AutoSaurus Wrecks: Also a new disaster which causes nearby cars to stick together and form a monster which will then proceed to cause damage to the city.

There are also some new music tracks added to the game, all composed by Jerry Martin.

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