SimCity 2000 is the second console game in the SimCity series. The game was released on many different platforms.


To date, 5 console versions of SimCity 2000 have been released. Each have new features exclusive to themselves aside from the Game Boy Advance port.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Version:

The SNES version was released in 1995 and was developed by Imagineer. It was the first console port of SimCity 2000. There is only one file slot, the graphics were watered down due to technical limitations, and there are only five scenarios. Four new features were also added.  

Snes Cover




Global Warming

Retirement City


New Features:

New City Hall

New TV Station

Rocket Launch

Weather (Rain)

Nintendo 64 Version:

Released exclusively in Japan in 1997 by Imagineer. This version added many new features and had slightly higher res graphics than the other version before it.  

64 cover

New Features:

Dating Sim

Horse Racing

Monster Breeding

Fully Pre Rendered 3D Cutscenes

Futuristic Buildings and Towers

Sega Saturn Version:

Released in 1995 by Maxis, this game has little to no changes from the PC version, however, the edge of the map now has clouds.   The buildings and text are also rendered in higher res graphics.

SimCity2000 Saturnboxart 160w.jpg

PlayStation 1 Version:

Released in 1996 by Maxis, SimCity 2000 on PlayStation is a direct port from the Saturn version, but some features were omitted, such as the building progression. However, a stripped down version of Streets of SimCity is built into this version exclusively. While you cant drive, you can watch as the NPC drives the car for you. It is rendered in full 3D.

This game was later ported to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita via PSone Classics. It costs only 5.99.   As of April 25th 2013, the game was removed from the Japanese PlayStation Network for unknown reasons. 1

52773-SimCity 2000 (E)-1.jpg

Game Boy Advance Version:

The GBA version was released by Zoo Digital in 2003. The game removed several features, such as water to make the game run better on the Game Boy Advance. 


The success of SimCity 2000 on consoles eventually spawned several console sequels. 

SimCity Creator - Released on DS and Wii

SimCity 64 - Released on Nintendo 64 (Requires the disk drive Add On)

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