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SimCity (SNES)
SimCity SNES box art.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) JP April 26, 1991
NA August 23, 1991
EU September 24, 1992
Genre(s) City-building
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings ESRB: E
Series SimCity

SimCity (SNES) was originally released in Japan in April 1991, the first console game in the SimCity series, and one of the launch titles for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America when the console was released there in August the same year. It was developed by Nintendo EAD under license from Maxis and published by Nintendo.


Dr. Wright, as he appears in the SNES version

The gameplay is similar to the PC version except now there are more buildings and scenarios. The style of the buildings also resemble those in Japan rather than those of North America in the PC version. Another new feature is the new adviser named Dr. Wright, who is a parody of Will Wright, creator of the SimCity series.

He usually reports the population growth of the city and disasters that happen. Also, there are Nintendo related easter eggs in the game such as Bowser attack (who replaces the Godzilla disaster in the computer versions) on the player's city and the unlockable Mario statue.

Game items

Returning from other SimCity versions

Other Buildings
Transportation and Utilities

Special Buildings

SimCity SNES added that special buildings could be built for $100 as the city hit certain goals. Some could be built multiple times after later higher caps were reached.

Name Unlocked By Effect Image
Mayor's House Reach "Town" level (Population 2,000) Increases Land values MayorsHouseSimCitySNES.png
Zoo Unlocked at various residential populations (multiple times) $100 Annual Income ZooSimCitySNES.png
Amusement Park Unlocked at various residential populations (multiple times)
Given choice of this or Casino
$100 Annual Income AmuseparkSimCitySNES.png
Casino Unlocked at various residential populations (multiple times)
Given choice of this or Amusement park
Annual Income, Increased Crime
Expo Unlocked at various Industrial populations (multiple times) Annual Income
Police HQ Unlocked after adding a certain number of Police Stations (multiple times) Greater police coverage than a regular Police Station
Fire HQ Unlocked after adding a certain number of Fire stations (multiple times) Greater police coverage than a regular Fire Station
Big Park Unlocked after adding a certain number of Parks (multiple times) Increased Land Values
Bank Achieve City level (10,000 population) Can take out a loan BankSimCitySNES.png
Central Station Place a certain number of Rail tiles (multiple times)
Landfill Have less than a certain percentage of free land tiles (4 times) Up to 3x3 land area can be placed in water.
Library Increases land Values
Windmill Unlocked at various Commercial populations (multiple times) Increases land Values
Water fountain Unlocked at 50th year anniversary of City


The game was re-released for the Super Famicom's satellite modem, the Satellaview in Japan under the name BS SimCity: City Building Game.

The game was also re-released for the Wii Virtual Console on November 19, 2006. However, as of January 2, 2013, it was pulled from the service due to the SNES version of the game's license expiring and changing hands.[1]


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