This is a short list of our policies here on SimCity Wiki:

Inclusion Policy

The Inclusion Policy is a policy of SimCity Wiki that recognizes the admission of a great deal of articles pertaining to individual sites, programs, lots, bats, SC organizations, notable community members, and/or mods related to the SimCity series. This policy aims to make SimCity Wiki a large database of information of everything related to SimCity and the SimCity community.

Wiki dumping

Wiki dumping is the act of copying a whole article or parts of it from another wiki, commonly Wikipedia. This is strongly undesirable as sometimes it may replace a more unique article to this wiki and replace it with another, long, red link filled Wikipedia page.

While copying from Wikipedia is possible as both SimCity Wiki and Wikipedia shares the same license (CC-BY-SA), unique is better on this wiki, so please write your own pages instead of copying from Wikipedia or another wiki when possible.

If you do copy from Wikipedia, try not to copy the whole page and make sure to attribute your source with {{Wikipedia}}. If you see someone replace or create an article with lots of red links that is long, tell an administrator to delete the article and then they will tell the person to start over without copying.

Likewise, using images from Wikimedia Commons is permissible as long as you attribute the source using {{From Wikimedia}} and licensed correctly according to the original image.

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