This is a page about SimCity Wiki in other languages.

List of languages

The following is a list of wikis about SimCity series in other languages sorted by number of articles:

Language Name Founder Started on Articles
English SimCity Wiki Tunheim May 28, 2006 529
Russian SimCity Wiki Arsenicum July 26, 2012 114
Brazilian Portuguese SimCity Wiki Mar99 wiki February 19, 2012 95
French Wiki SimCity Nouillera June 1, 2011 38
Spanish Wiki SimCity StunObrien November 15, 2012 37
German SimCity Wiki Dario1608 December 7, 2009 22
Finnish SimCity Wiki Poppula October 12, 2010 13
Dutch SimCity wiki DeSims April 2, 2014 4

Adding your own language

If you have made your own SimCity-related wiki in your local language but doesn't see it listed here, you're free to add your own wiki to the list using this template:

|<your language>
|[[w:c:<language>.simcity:<wiki name>|<wiki name>]]
|<Wiki founding date>
| align="right" | <Number of articles (in your wiki's main namespace)>

Copy the code to the bottom of the wikitable and add your wiki information. As the list is sorted by article count (in the main namespace), you might want to sort it by moving it, depending on your wiki's article count.

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