SimCash is the premium currency in SimCity BuildIt with all Mayors starting out with 50. It is used to speed up timers, instantly produce items, purchase premium buildings, increase production slots in commercial buildings,increase trade slots in the Trade Depot, buy missing materials and items, and for purchasing simoleons. SimCash can either be bought with real money or earned in-game through a variety of ways.

Acquiring SimCash

SimCash can be bought from the in-game store. Selecting the plus sign next to the SimCash icon Simcash icon 15px.png in the top right displays the store.

SimCash is also available as a random reward through popping Sim Opinion bubbles, voting on Design Challenges, defeating Monsters, and watching video advertisements.

For guaranteed SimCash, completing city achievements rewards 3-50, participating in Contest of Mayors leagues offers up to 2000, claiming a chest from Club Challenges offers 10-120 depending on the score, Club Wars, Mayor's Pass, Event Tracks, and Vu Pass (as a random reward with Free Pass or guaranteed with Premium Pass).

In Mayor's Pass, one of the rewards is a Discount SimCash Sale, which provides a limited time discount towards purchasing SimCash from the in-game store.

Speeding Up Timers

The amount of SimCash required to speed up a production varies by time. Below is a table of common times.

SimCash Needed Time
1 1min
3 5min
7 14min
9 20min
10 25min
12 ???
16 45min
17 50min
18 1h
21 1h 15min
24 1h 30min
28 2h
30 2h 15min
32 2h 30min
36 3h
44 4h
52 5h
60 6h
68 7h

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