The HEA Advisor

Randall Shoop is the Health, Education and Aura (HEA) advisor in SimCity 3000. He informs the player effectiveness of schools and hospitals, and will also talk about the aura level in the city. He will complain if the budget of either schools or hospitals is cut, and will give praise for the opposite.


"Eschewing the traditional academic route, Randall Shoop received a Certificate of Completion in general studies from Gonzo Community College. He landed an internship with the Jackersville department of Social Services, learning his profession, as he likes to say, from the ground up. Ten years ago, Randall founded the "Urban Paradise" movement, a group that believes cities themselves are living entities; two years ago he renounced the movement. Probably due to his natural sensitivity to the plight of those less fortunate, Randall’s input on matters of social welfare is sought after all over SimNation."