The Police Precinct in SimCity (2013)

The police force is a city's first line of defense in the battle against crime. Police stations lower crime within a certain radius, which can be enlarged or shrunk depending on the funding you allocate for the individual stations. 

Police stations are equipped with a small number of jail cells, but city jails are the best place for most criminals go. Prisons are considered undesirable and will lower the land value of the immediate surrounding area.


In SimCity, the player can buy a police station for $500. At 100% funding, each station costs $100 a month to run. The Police Headquarters reward will increase the radius of each police station as well as acting as a normal police station.

SimCity 2000

The police stations from SimCity return in SimCity 2000. In addition to lowering crime, each station provides a squad to help out during disasters. If the jails in the police stations become too full, players can build a prison to hold criminals.

SimCity 3000

Almost nothing regarding the police changed from SimCity 2000 to SimCity 3000. Only the name of prisons were changed to jails. A maximum security prison can be built as a business deal, but will increase all of the problems of prisons.

SimCity 4

SimCity 4 provides the player with more options than previous titles. They can choose between large and small police stations, which have a different number of patrol cars, cells, and a larger or smaller protection range respectively. Funding for each station can now be adjusted individually, but there's the possibility of underfunded stations going on strike. The player can dispatch police when they see a crime committed. A business deal between a city and SimNation can be made to build a federal prison in a city is available, much like the maximum security prison from 3000, and can serve as a city's prison. Municipal prisons are available (called City Jail in game), and have 800 cells at the default setting.

Rush Hour added the smaller police kiosk and the larger deluxe police station, which is equipped with an operational helicopter. The player is also given the opportunity to play the part of a police officer in the U-Drive-It mode. Police vehicles include a police car, police van, and police helicopter.

SimCity (2013)

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SimCity (2013) has two different police stations: the smaller police station and the larger Police Precinct. At default, the normal police station provides 2 police cars and 10 jail cells, while the larger one provides 4 police cars and 50 jail cells.