A soccer field in SimCity (2013)

Parks are a type of recreational buildings found in the SimCity series. Parks typically have a positive effect within the surrounding area, often helping to combat industrial pollution by reducing air pollution slightly, while also raising residential and commercial desirability and land value.

SimCity 4

Unlike the previous versions of SimCitySimCity 4's parks cost money to maintain. The parks also now only affect certain zone types (e.g. green spaces will have a bigger impact on Residential zones than any other).

The following table shows the various parks' statistics. Res demand refers to the amount the residential demand cap is raised by this building, while Res and Com desirability refer to the desirability increase for residential and commercial buildings, respectively. Note that while certain reward buildings could also be considered parks due to their similar effects, they're not listed here.

Name Construction cost Maintenance cost Res demand Res desirability Com desirability
Open Paved Area §40 §5 250 10 30
Open Grass Area §40 §5 250 30 20
Small Park Green §40 §5 250 50 30
Community Garden §70 §5 250 40 0
Beach §70 §5 250 80 50
Small Flower Garden §80 §5 750 60 20
Playground §90 §10 1000 60 0
Gazebo §90 §10 1000 40 20
Ranger Station §90 §10 1000 20 0
Basketball Court §90 §10 1000 30 0
Small Plaza §90 §10 1000 25 50
Tennis Court §130 §15 4000 30 0
Medium Park Green §160 §15 1000 60 20
Medium Flower Garden §170 §20 3000 70 20
Medium Playground §210 §25 3000 75 0
Skateboard Park §210 §25 4000 30 0
Medium Plaza §210 §25 4000 25 60
Large Flower Garden §310 §35 7000 85 35
Large Park Green §320 §25 2500 75 30
Soccer Field §340 §35 5000 30 20
Softball Field §400 §35 6000 30 20
Large Plaza §400 §35 9000 35 80

SimCity (2013)

In SimCity (2013), parks are a ploppable building. Like other games in the series, parks have a positive effect with the surrounding area. Park also raise land values around them, such as formal parks (§§§) and nature parks (§§). Basic (§) parks will not raise land value, however, but parks give a place for Sims that cannot find a place to shop.

Note that unlock conditions does not apply when playing in sandbox mode.

List of parks in SimCity (2013)

Basic (§)
Image Name Description Cost Notes
The Excitorium.png The Excitatorium Kids are given their own interactive world to explore as they learn to play a variety of sports and games, all within a safe learning environment. §400 Futurizes nearby buildings, requires Cities of Tomorrow
Blacktop Park.png Blacktop Park Just enough space for four-square and hopscotch. §100
Swings Playground.png Swings Playground Swing-time! Higher! §100
Rides Playground.png Rides Playground The perfect spot to drop the tykes off if you want to have them spun or bounced! §100
BBQ Pit.png BBQ Pit A handy spot where random Sims can put meat to fire surrounded by foliage. What could possibly go wrong? §100
BBQ Pavilion.png BBQ Pavilion Add a faint whiff of mesquite and lighter fluid to your park. §400 Requires town hall
Water Park Playground.png Water Park Playground Kids will love splashing around in this fun, watery playground. §400 Requires town hall
Small Field.png Small Field Hope you like grass, because there's a bunch of it here! §400 Requires town hall
Small Field w Parking.png Small Field w/ Parking Not every open field of grass has convenient attached parking! §400 Requires town hall
Medium Field w Parking.png Medium Field w/ Parking Not quite enough space for a game of two-hand touch and too many trees to fly a kite. Just enjoy the nature! §1,600 Requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Large Field w Parking.png Large Field w/ Parking Perfect for rounds of paintball or just massive games of hide and seek. §1,600 Requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Sports (§§)
Image Name Description Cost Notes
AR Athletics Center.png AR Athletics Center This innovative park takes advantage of location-aware software in augmented reality accessories to provide an interactive obstacle course with facilities for skateboarding, rock climbing and more! §800 Futurizes nearby buildings, requires Cities of Tomorrow
Public Tennis Court.png Public Tennis Court Tennis, anyone? Sims will love playing tennis matches on your new court! §400
Basketball Court.png Basketball Court You've got courtside tickets to watch ballers take the rock to the hole! §400
Volleyball Court.png Volleyball Court Catch every service and spike with a volleyball court in your city! §400
Medium Skate Park.png Medium Skate Park Ample ramps and plentiful pipes fill this skate park to the brim. §800 Requires town hall
Large Skate Park.png Large Skate Park Put those empty swimming pools to a rad use! §800 Requires town hall
Soccer Field.png Soccer Field Sims will hit the field to play soccer. §10,000 Requires town hall
Baseball Field.png Baseball Field Play ball! Kids who join a junior baseball team will be less likely to start shoplifting. §10,000 Requires town hall
Hot Air Balloon Park.png Hot Air Balloon Park Give your Sims a chance to see your city from the air in a hot air balloon. §10,000 Requires Airships Set DLC and a city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Nature (§§)
Image Name Description Cost Notes
Pond.png Pond Ducks, mini-boat regattas, or just poking at lily pads; the options are nearly endless. §200
Wavy Path Park.png Wavy Path Park Craft your own custom, easy to escape maze! §400
Straight Path Park.png Straight Path Park Help your Sims walk the straight and narrow with this handy park. §400
Colorful Path Park.png Colorful Path Park The flowers help you not wander around in circles. §400
Tall Tree Row.png Tall Tree Row Add some green between your heavy-polluting buildings to at least make it seems like you're making an effort to be green. §100
Short Tree Row.png Short Tree Row Add some green between your heavy-polluting buildings to at least make it seems like you're making an effort to be green. §100
Medium Path Park.png Medium Path Park This spacious park has ample paths for ambling and a lovely bed of colorful flowers. §800 Requires town hall
Tree-Lined Walkway.png Tree-Lined Walkway Beautiful trees and colorful flowers border this peaceful walkway. §800 Requires town hall
Wavy Tree-Lined Walkway.png Wavy Tree-Lined Walkway Parks department officials maintain that the landscaping crew was not drunk when laying this walkway. §800 Requires town hall
Large Path Park.png Large Path Park This well-manicured park has plenty of space for even the largest cities. §3,200 Requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region
City Park.png City Park Even big cities need a sunny patch of greenery. §3,200 Requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Community Park.png Community Park Gathering place for local mine troupes by day and wannabe vampire gangs by night. §3,200 Requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Plaza (§§§)
Image Name Description Cost Notes
Millennium Plaza.png Millennium Plaza Housing an indoor tropical aquarium, the interior of this park allows visitors to view a thriving underwater ecosystem within a modern city setting. Landscaping innovation allows visitors to also enjoy the bright and airy park environs on the exteriors of this building. §4,800 Futurizes nearby buildings, requires Cities of Tomorrow
Flower Plaza.png Flower Plaza For when you love flowers so much you need a park filled to the brim with them. §400
Double Walkway.png Double Walkway This walkway is a bit wider than most, with shady free coverage. §1,200 Requires town hall
Small Sculpture Garden.png Small Sculpture Garden The plaque at the base reads "Pointless Oval - Henri Less" §400
Simple Walkway.png Simple Walkway This wide walkway has a scattering of trees and bushes for a touch of green in the middle of your city. §1,200 Requires town hall
Medium Sculpture Garden.png Medium Sculpture Garden The geometric sculpture at the center of this plaza is titled "Taxation Representation". What does it mean? What does it mean? §1,200 Requires town hall
Large Sculpture Garden.png Large Sculpture Garden Gaze upon "Man", a sculpture entreatise on man's eternal struggle with nature... and himself. §2,400 Requires town hall
Large Urban Sculpture Garden.png Large Urban Sculpture Garden This striking iron Gordian knot sculpture is brought to you by Simfinity. "Simfinity: engineering everything" §2,400 Requires town hall
Urban Greenspace.png Urban Greenspace Add a nice spot for overworked office drones to soak up the sun on their lunch hour. §2,400 Requires town hall
Tiered Urban Greenspace.png Tiered Urban Greenspace It's almost like there's nature in the middle of your city! §2,400 Requires town hall
Plumbob Park.png Plumbob Park Sims are drawn to the glowing plumbob at the center of this park. What does it mean?! §4,800 Requires Plumbob Park DLC and a city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Formal (§§§)
Image Name Description Cost Notes
Fountain Plaza.png Fountain Plaza Flagstones. Fountain. Flowers. What else could you ask for? §400
Fenced Fountain Plaza.png Fenced Fountain Plaza A gothic fence frames this small plaza filled to the brim with fountains. §400
Small Fountain Park.png Small Fountain Park Beautiful shiny tiles and colorful flowers frame a simple fountain. §1,200 Requires town hall
Reflecting Pool Park.png Reflecting Pool Park Perfect for modern Narcissuses (Narcissusi?) §2,400 Requires town hall
Large Fountain Park.png Large Fountain Park A massive fountain sits at the center of a dramatic plaza. §2,400 Requires town hall
Amphitheater.png Amphitheater High-falutin' smarty-types gather here to watch plays and such. §4,800 Requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region
Urban Hot Air Balloon Park.png Urban Hot Air Balloon Park They may say you're full of hot air, but you'll show them, now! Sims will have fanciful fun floating in a hot air balloon. §12,000 Requires Airships Set DLC and a city hall with a department of tourism in the region
SimCity Launch Park.png SimCity Launch Park Sims from across your city will flood this park to celebrate the launch of awesome, exclusive hot air balloons! §15,000 Only available to pre-Update 4 players; requires city hall with a department of tourism in the region