Oakland is a city used in one of the scenarios from SimCity 2000 that is based on a real life city that was hit by a firestorm in 1991.

Official description: "Oakland Hills Fire - On October 21st 1991 a small brushfire quickly grew into a wind-swept firestorm in the wooded canyons of the Oakland Hills making this one of the worst urban fires in U.U. history. Try to contain the fire as quickly as you can to limit damage. After the fire is out see if you can rebuild the damaged area to 50,000 population within 5 years."


On October 21st 1991 a fierce wildfire swept out of control in the Oakland Hills. The high winds and dry conditions turned the fire into a massive firestorm. This was one of the worst urban fires in U.S. history along with the great Chicago fire of 1901 and the fire following the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Nearly 3000 homes were destroyed and 24 lives were lost on the twisty canyon roads.

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