A nuclear power plant is a type of power plant in SimCity games that generates electricity using nuclear fission.

Nuclear power plants are one of the few power plant choices that emit no pollution. However, nuclear power plants must be carefully maintained, or they may experience a nuclear meltdown that destroys the power plant and blankets much of the city with devastating radiation. Environmental groups tend to disapprove of nuclear power.

SimCity 4

SimCity 4 Nuclear Power Plant

In SimCity 4, nuclear power plants can be constructed to provide a city with a power source. However, this power plant is not available at the beginning of the game, and must be earned through meeting the minimum requirements.

Like other clean energy options, it is expensive to maintain, so it is not a recommended source of power for cities that are unable to financially support the power plant. If they are not looked after well enough (e.g. understaffed, underfunded) a meltdown may occur, which will release radiation into the surrounding area.

This power plant will provide jobs for Sims, and although wealthier Sims are preferred, the plant will hire low-wealth workers if there are not sufficient mid to high wealth residents. The wealth level of the workers will not affect how the power plant is run.

Nuclear Power Plant - §40,000

Monthly Cost: §3,000
Power Generated: 16,000 MWh/Month
Possibility of a meltdown


– Total city size: 85,000
– Total city energy demand plus deals: 25,000

SimCity (2013)

Nuclear Power Plant in SimCity (2013)

"Educated Sims and large amounts of water can create free, albeit radioactive, power. Careful! If this power plant is staffed with unskilled workers, it may emit variable amounts of radiation."
— SimCity (2013)

In SimCity (2013), nuclear power plants are similar to the one in SimCity 4. They are dangerous if they are not employed with educated Sims.

Although you can build a Nuclear Power Plant at any time of the game, it's mandatory that you have a University or Community College so the Nuclear Plant won't meltdown and ruin your city!

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