Bowser Destroying a City in the SNES Version of SimCity

Monsters are another devastating disaster in the SimCity series.


A monster, as seen in most of the SimCity games, is a random occurrence or triggered disaster, and in a scenario where Tokyo is attacked by one. In the SNES version of SimCity, the monster is Bowser Koopa (from Nintendo's Mario series), but he functions no differently than the other versions. Players can toggle Bowser in the Disasters Toolbar. On the PC version of SimCity, monsters will do the same thing, but do not leave a trail of fire. The monster will head toward areas with high pollution and may take a while for it to leave.

Whether intentional on Maxis' part or not, the monster looks suspiciously like the legendary King of the Monsters, Godzilla himself. (Feel free to play Godzilla's theme during monster attacks!)

SimCity 2000

In SimCity 2000, the monster is a little different than before, both in appearance and function, but it can still do some serious damage. Instead of  Godzilla or Bowser, the monster now appears to take on the form of a giant black metallic sphere with a single, red eye in the middle, and 4 mechanical legs protruding from its lower body. The monster can now shoot a laser beam like a UFO, which destroys anything within its path. The beam the monster shoots will usually leave fires, but sometimes they will instead beam down trees, water tiles, or even wind power plants, all four of which instantly destroy whatever was previously occupying that square. It can randomly appear or be toggled on and off from the Disasters menu.  The origins of the monster are left ambiguous: it is either an alien from outer space or a movie prop out of control.

SimCity 4

Main Article: Robot Attack

In SimCity 4, you will have Robot Attacks instead of monsters. The Robot drops down from the sky, and proceeds destroys any buildings it touches and launches small metallic projectiles with the same effect. The robot is essentially a giant version of the Servo robotic servant found in The Sims Livin' Large.

The monster is also joined by a very similar event, AutoSaurus Wrecks, which tends to behave more like the monster from previous games. The player can also trigger a UFO invasion which acts more like the monster seen in SimCity 2000.

SimCity Creator

Monsters Breathing Fire at buildings

In SimCity Creator, the monster can be found in the Disasters Menu and randomly appear. They function exactly like in the other SimCity games.

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SimCity 2013

In SimCity 2013, a creature that was probably made with another game by EA, Spore, appears from the ground and walks towards the city dump. It destroys any buildings in its path, and often breathes fire, which turns buildings on fire. The monster dies after it has eaten some of the garbage. The disaster is available in the Disaster menu, too.