The Microwave Power Plant is an advanced power plant in SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000. In all its appearances, the plant takes on the form of a giant receiver dish and operates by receiving microwaves beamed down by orbiting satellites that collect solar energy in space.

SimCity 2000

The Microwave Power Plant is the second to last power plant unlocked in SimCity 2000. The plant produces slightly less power than a Nuclear Power Plant but without the risk of a catastrophic meltdown. However there is a risk, albeit a rare one, that the microwave beam will miss the dish and start a small fire near the plant, though this can be easily contained, unlike a nuclear meltdown. Like all power plants, it will explode after 50 years of use.

SimCity 3000

Like in SimCity 2000, the microwave power plant is the second to last power plant in SimCity 3000. While it operates nearly exactly the same as it did in its previous appearance, it has received a visual overhaul and the risk of beam misfire is no longer present, presumably for realism concerns.