A meteor shower as seen in SimCity (2013).

A meteor shower is a disaster featured in many SimCity titles. Although it is present in each game, its effects and appearance differ between different SimCity games.

SimCity 4

In SimCity 4, the player can summon meteors onto a certain target. Once the meteor is summoned, the player can control its path, but without guidance, it will usually wander from the spot initially clicked and may crash with variable accuracy, from meters to a mile away from the initial spot. If the player wants it to hit a place far away they can click the meteor while its still active, once then it will move to the area the player choose, if the player drags, the meteor will gain speed and may overshoot the intended target.

Once it impacts, the immediate area is completely obliterated, with only a burnt crater of the impact left. Any surrounding structures (including trees) and roads will be destroyed; any standing structures will ignite, if given the opportunity.


  • Make sure that the firefighters have an easy access to the area of impact, or the initial fire will likely spread.
  • Like other disasters in SimCity 4, these can only be triggered by the mayor and will not occur naturally (without the use of external modifications).

SimCity Societies

In SimCity Societies, a single to multiple meteors will come out at random locations. The player can indicate where they will impact by the pulsing radius circle in the area on the map. On some occasions, such as the player pausing during meteor shower, multiple meteors will spawn than the intended count.

Once the meteorite appears, skyscrapers will be demolished, and any buildings around the building that got hit during the meteor-in-progress will either get destroyed or damaged as well. Once the meteor hits, it can either damage the area for up to 30–50 hours or completely destroy the selected building and damage other buildings near it for up to 30–50 hours.

SimCity (2013)

In SimCity (2013), players can summon meteor showers in a selected area indicated by a red glowing tint. When the meteor hits, it will destroy the selected building and most buildings around will most likely catch fire.


  • Not unlike SimCity 4, make sure fire coverage is present in the area the meteor hits, or the area where it did hit.

SimCity BuildIt

In SimCity BuildIt, a meteor shower can be initiated at Vu's Tower by selecting the tower and dragging the meteor shower icon to the dome. By charging it with the required tools, it will launch with the magnet pulling it from the sky, hitting random buildings.

The player earn Vu Points each launch, which can be used to upgrade the disaster to level 2 and 3, respectively.