The MegaTower is a ploppable building introduced in Cities of Tomorrow. MegaTowers are much taller than their high-rise counterparts, as well as being much more flexible. A MegaTower is also a futurization source, causing nearby roads and buildings to futurize.

Players can plop modules such as an apartment level, a mall level, or an office level, as well as service modules such as a nuclear reactor level or a education level, which can allow a MegaTower to be self-sufficient.

A single MegaTower can hold up to eight floors. Once the eighth floor are built, the option to build a crown will be available. Crowns usually have a positive effect within the city, or the MegaTower itself. A crown's effect can also be boosted with additional crowns of the same type in the region, boosting up to five times in total.


There are two main types of MegaTowers available: normal MegaTowers (which holds low and medium wealth Sims) and Elite MegaTowers (which holds medium and high wealth Sims).

  • It is the basic version that hold low and medium wealth Sims.
  • It is primarily filled with billboards and holds a darker, more "dystopian" feel, in stark contrast to the elite Mega Tower.
Elite MegaTower
  • The Elite MegaTower is the more advanced version that holds medium and high wealth Sims.
  • It has few signs, favoring what seem to be large, open rooms inside with many windows. The skybridge level which you can build has the word "Fancy" on it.


MegaTowers and Elite MegaTowersare constructed from levels, each one serving a different purpose, and varying slightly from tower types.

  • Apartments - Apartments hold Sims, and they work, shop, and get educated on other levels. Low and medium wealth apartments are available in MegaTowers, while medium and high wealth apartments are available in their elite counterparts.
  • Malls - Mall levels are levels in which your residents can shop. This increases happiness, and allows more sims to move in. There are medium and high wealth mall levels.
  • Offices - The office levels are places where Sims can go to work and earn money to spend. They make you a lot of money, but are also the most expnsive level. Low and medium wealth
  • Services - Services are levels that can be added in addition to other main levels. They include:
    • skybridge station
    • nuclear reactor
    • park level
    • education level
    • waste reduction level
    • safety level.
  • Crown - Crowns are special levels that can only be built on the top of a MegaTower, provide bonus to the tower as well as region. they include:
    • Solar Power
    • Air Scrubber
    • Tourism crown
    • Advertising
    • Park Crown


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