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Maxis Software was a brand name of EA and was founded as a video game developer.


Its initial software title was the seminal SimCity, a city simulation and planning game. Maxis is also the creator of the best-selling computer game of all time, The Sims. These two titles and their related products are the brand's most popular and successful lines. Maxis is also the creator of new popular game called Spore.

Most Maxis titles are simulation-based, though none are considered traditional simulations. Maxis founder Will Wright likens them to "digital playgrounds." Maxis has also released games developed by other production houses, such as A-Train, sometimes with less than stellar results.

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  • In SimCity (2013) the moving truck says 6AM, an easter egg for spelling "Maxis" backwards.
  • There are numerous references of llamas throughout the series, a reference to Maxis's favorite animal, the llama.
  • The company's name was derived from a formula suggested by Jeff Braun's father: computer game companies should have two-syllable names and should include an 'x'.