Industrial Zones

Industrial zones are the places where manufacturing, high-tech, or other types of industrial warehouses are able to grow. Industrial zoning is different than zoning commercial or residential. Here, you can simply zone an area without giving road access to the entire zone, and it will still develop, similar to zoning systems of SimCity 3000 and older titles.


  • Agriculture: Instead of low-density Industrial, Agriculture replaces that. You can zone bigger lots than other zones, and Agriculture helps develop food for your city. You can unlock the Farmer's Market, and things that will grow on Agriculture Zones include: Apple & Orange Tree Farms, Dirt Land, Grass Land, Farms, Barns and more.
  • Medium Density: These are zones which permit slightly bigger development like medium sized factories, chemical plants, hi-tech laboratories, and other industrial businesses. 
  • High Density: They are the more expensive industrial zones but also they permit big industrial business like petrochemicals, chemicals, manufacturing and hi-tech complexes to develop. Note that fully developed high-density industrial zones will emit large amounts of pollution, so it is advised to zone these areas away from desirable neighborhoods.

Types of Industry

  • Dirty industries: They are polluting industries that provide the dirtiest jobs, such as welding or smelting warehouses. They need cheap land and power to develop, but water is not necessary for them to develop. They are the heaviest polluters and they cause sickness in sims, but they develop quickly, providing an early source of jobs and they also contribute (by a fair amount) to taxes. In SimCity, there are a lot of ordinances that reduces the pollution and discourages this class of industries from being developed in your city, especially later on when your city relies on other sources for jobs and income.
  • Manufacturing: This type of industry is a little cleaner than Dirty industries, but they are still heavy polluters by comparison to other jobs and businesses. Manufacturing jobs usually provide work such as textiles and manufacture of goods.  
  • Clean Industries or Hi-tech: This type of industry is the exact opposite of Dirty industries; these industrial jobs produce about the same amount of pollution as an average retail store, but they do not provide as many jobs, nor an extravagant source for tax revenue . Hi-tech industries usually consist of laboratories and research centers, or the production of valuable goods, such as electronics. However, it takes much more to coax in Hi-tech development compared to other industrial jobs. Educating and providing healthcare for sims, land with high desirability, and providing proper power, water, and sanitation are all things that are needed in order for these industries to develop.

Types of Industries in SimCity Creator

The Industries in SimCity Creator can be classified as:

  • Low density: Little industries and factories can be made by this zone. unlocked in Open Asian age or European Renaissance.
  • Medium density: Medium sized factories can be made by this zone, though they can also appear in the low density too. Unlocked in American Development age, European Industrial Age, and Asian Development age.
  • High density: Low density industries can be made by this zone, though they can be bigger and dirtier. Unlocked in Global Warming Age.