Fusion power plant

Fusion Reactor in SimCity 2000

The fusion power plant is the ultimate power plant in SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, and SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow. It is expensive, but it can power a whole city.

SimCity 2000

The fusion power plant is the last power plant unlocked in SimCity 2000, and also the most difficult. Upon unlocking it, the player have to pay a hefty sum of 500,000 credits to purchase it.

In the end it is worth it, as the fusion power plant has the ability to power an entire city safely, even with Arcologies in it. Like all power plants it will explode after 50 years of use.

SimCity 3000


Large group of Fusion Reactors in SimCity 3000.

Like in SimCity 2000, the fusion power plant is the very last, most powerful power plant in SimCity 3000 and also the most expensive at 500,000 simoleons.

It underwent a major design change. From a U shaped brown building, it went to a more futuristic design with a glowing blue core in the center surrounded by several glowing blue reactors, a bit more suiting for the nature of this power plant. Like all power plants it explodes after 50 years of use.

SimCity (2013)

Generates massive amounts of clean power at a huge cost. The fusion reactor requires a jumpstart of power from an existing source to begin power generation.
Fusion power plant

A fusion power plant in Cities of Tomorrow

The fusion power plant is included alongside the Cities of Tomorrow expansion. It can be unlocked by researching the power plant in The Academy. Like SimCity 2000 and 3000 before it, it is the most expensive of all power plants, costing §155,000.

The fusion power plant is the the most powerful power plant in the game, as the power plant complete with modules can power the entire city, as well as neighboring cities around it. It requires a jumpstart and access to ControlNet, but once jumpstarted it produces a lot of clean and safe power. There is also a fusion reactor level in the elite MegaTower. Modules include Fusion Reactors, which generate 200mw each and Advanced Fusion Reactors, which could power an entire region by itself, both cost large sums of money, and must be researched at the Academy. A maximum of 3 total reactors, Advanced, or Basic, can be plopped at a plant at one time, comes with one Basic Reactor.

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