Floods are one of the disasters in the SimCity series. During a flood, water spreads from the city's lakes, rivers, and oceans, destroying buildings in its path.

Causes of Floods

Floods will happen randomly, but they appear to occur more often during wet weather. Players can trigger them, if they desire.

Preventing Floods

It is impossible to prevent floods from occurring. However, it is possible to control the spread. Dikes can be created by raising the level of land around lakes and rivers. The floods will be contained, away from your city. Some people also speculate that trees stop or slow the spread of floods.

Dealing With Floods

As with fires, the police, firefighters, and National Guard from the emergency dispatch can be used to prevent the flood from spreading to certain spots. However, there's a limit to how many companies there are to dispatch, so it's best to protect expensive buildings.

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