Education is a player providing their Sims the chance to learn. A good education system is desirable to Sims. Well-educated Sims will attract high tech industries to their cities. Education is measured with EQ (Education Quotient), with 200 being the highest score your Sims can receive. 


Education didn't have much of a role in the original SimCity. Residential zones with a high land value would sometimes turn into schools. A library reward existed which would raise land values, but schools and other educational facilities were not yet available in the series.

SimCity 2000

Education became more of a prominent feature in SimCity 2000. The player could place schools. Libraries also made their return along with colleges and museums. The education quotient (EQ) was also introduced. A high education quotient would attract low-pollution, high-tech industry. Schools and colleges increase the EQ of Sims of a certain age while museums and libraries simply prevent the EQ of older Sims from falling. If the schools or colleges become too crowded, their effectiveness will begin to fall. Unlike police stations or fire stations, educational structures can be built anywhere with the same effectiveness.

SimCity 3000

Education changed very little between SimCity 2000 and 3000. All of the same buildings returned and work the same way. However, SimCity 3000 did have the university as a reward.

SimCity 4

Education is different in SimCity 4 than it is in SimCity 3000. Educational buildings now have an area of coverage like police stations and fire stations, so placement does matter. Individual buildings can also have their budgets adjusted for proper coverage. Unlike police and firefighters who will strike based on the amount of funding they get, educational buildings will only strike when they are over capacity. Like other SimCity titles, a well-developed educational system helps to lower overall crime rate.

Along with all of the previous buildings, SimCity 4 added the high school. High school aged students use that instead of going straight to college. Quite a few of the reward buildings were related to education, including the Main Library, Major Art Museum, Opera House, Private Schools, and the University.

The Rush Hour expansion added the option of large and small elementary and high schools. The player also has the option to drive a school bus in U-Drive-It mode.


  • Not all educational buildings from Elementary School to University are needed in order to satisfy Sims' educational needs, although doing so will help in increasing EQ.
  • A bug exists with the Opera House, which causes constant overcrowding.

SimCity (2013)

Education is a City Specialization in SimCity (2013).

Keep younger Sims off the streets and provide your residents with education for a brighter future. Some more advanced modules, businesses, and industry require higher education before they can be earned. There are two types of education—Schools and Colleges.

SimCity Creator (DS)

Education is vitally important in SimCity Creator for the Nintendo DS. 

You unlock education in the Open Asian age and European Renaissance. It is necessary to have several Schools for your City's population to grow. In the latter ages, Colleges are unlocked, furthering education.