Dr. Vu Flippin' Angry Chris6d

Dr. Vu, seen in SimCity 4.

Dr. Vu
is the main "villain" in SimCity 4, along with Uncle Vinnie.


Dr. Vu is a man of medium complexion, with gray hair.


Dr. Vu is the one who gives most of the evil missions in SimCity 4 (e.g. Disturbing the Peace, Simlent Orange, Ferry of Evil). He is also the objective in some good missions (e.g. Take Out Vu's Secret Lair, Infiltrate Vu's Secret Meeting), although he isn't seen in these missions.

His name appears in a few buildings throughout SimCity 4; such as Vu Tank and Vat (Dirty Industry) and Vu Blue Denim Headquarters (CO$$$). Dr. Vu reappeared in SimCity (2013) in the Heroes and Villains Set DLC and spin-off game SimCity BuildIt. In both games, he is the owner of Vu Tower.


  • Dr. Vu's name comes from SimCity producer Thomas Vu, who is of Vietnamese descent. “Vu” is a Vietnamese proper name.
  • His name could also be a reference to the first James Bond film, Dr. No.
  • His name could also be a reference to the protagonist of the British TV series, Doctor Who.