A Business deal is an event that occurs during the course of a SimCity game. The player is given the option to build a certain thing within their city. In exchange, they are paid a certain amount of money each month. The catch is that the thing that must be built is typically something undesirable.


The original SimCity planted the seeds of the business deal with the casino. The casino provided $100/ month and a boost to commercial growth, but it also increased crime.

SimCity 2000

Like SimCity, SimCity 2000 didn't technically have business deals. Players did occasionally get offered the chance to have a military base. The player wasn't given money, but did have the option to call the national guard during emergencies. However, military bases increased pollution and crime.

SimCity 3000

SimCity 3000 was the first game to formally add the business deal. A petitioner approaches the player and asks for a building to be built. As long as their building has power, water, and a road next to it, the player gets paid each month. The deal is canceled if the building is destroyed.

SimCity 3000 Business deals

SimCity 4

Business deals made a return in SimCity 4. They work in much the same way as they do in SimCity 3000. In SimCity 4: Rush Hour, some of the "U-Drive-It" missions can only be unlocked by business deals.

SimCity 4 Business deals

  • Army Base ($350 a month, but negatively impacts residential growth)
  • Casino ($300 a month, but increases crime)
  • Federal Prison ($250 a month, but negatively impacts growth)
  • Missile Range ($450 a month. Negatively impacts growth and there's a chance of a misfire)
  • Toxic Waste Dump ($400 a month, but causes radiation and water pollution)
  • Area 5.1 ($380 a month, but causes air, water, and land pollution plus significantly raised crime)

SimCity (2013)

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Here, citizens of a city will offer advice and such on what should be built, what money should be spent on, and where resources should be allocated. You can also make money or pay to use or give other cities a potion of your/their utilities such as water, power, sewage treatment, or services such as police vehicles, waste management, based on a monthly cost.