The Area 5.1

Area 5.1 is a business deal building in SimCity 4. It is offered by Monique Diamond when the player is in debt, or is in desperate need for money. The building can also be earned from the Dr. Vu after completing a chain of U-Drive It missions.

The building not only pollutes the land around it with water, air, garbage and radiation, but also raises crime significantly. However, 380 simoleons is earned every month and 3 drivable vehicles are available in U-Drive-It: a UFO, metal whale, and a jet fighter.

The player can generate unofficial disasters, such as a bombing campaign by dropping bombs on the city via jet and use a missile attack on the city via whale. This building will negatively impact your mayor rating regardless of where you decide to place it (similar with other business deal buildings).


  • The name "Area 5.1" is most likely inspired from an actual U.S. military base, Area 51.
  • Area 5.1 is one of the most uncommon business deals that is proposed to the player by the finance advisor, and even through doing Dr. Vu missions, it still takes a fair amount of time.
  • Ice cream trucks appear often around the base, which is strange as they do not appear elsewhere in the city. This may hint towards Dr. Vu's crooked operations.