Panel of advisors in SimCity 4.

Advisors are a game feature in the SimCity franchise. They are people in SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4 that help the player have a better understanding of their city, and provide tips and tricks to solve problems that may arise in their city. The individual advisors usually focus a particular department, such as safety, finance, zoning transportation, amongst others.

SimCity 3000's panel of advisors.

If the game settings allow it, during an urgent crisis, the advisors in SimCity 4 will notify through a pop-up dialog box, which will provide a link to direct to the scene of emergency. Note that this feature is turned on by default, but can be turned off in the settings panel.


Dr. Wright in the SNES port of SimCity.

The first advisor appeared in the SNES port of the original SimCity game. His name is Dr. Wright and is a reference to SimCity series creator, Will Wright. SimCity Enhanced CD-ROM was the first game to feature an entire range of advisors, each focused on particular departments. SimCity 2000 was the first game in the main series to feature advisors, although they were poorly received by players as they only pop-up to give brief advice and complain. SimCity 3000's advisors were much more developed from their SimCity 2000 counterparts, as they were given full names and would offer detailed information regarding city's problems and have briefings on problems the mayor needs to address. SimCity 4 features similar advisors to those from SimCity 3000, but the briefings were removed. SimCity (2013)'s advisors are similar to SimCity 2000's advisors, as they give brief information on city problems. SimCity (2013) also features the largest number of advisors.

Advisors in SimCity 3000

Advisors in SimCity 3000 are depicted in a cartoon manner. Advice comes in the form of items in the news ticker as well as in explanations of some game concepts when a specific advisor's portrait is clicked. Depending on the situation, their portrait can depict them as either haggard and stressed, to neutral, to happy. Advisors may also pop up when placing some infrastructure, such as engineer's reports when building bridges. Scenarios tend to use advisor text boxes to communicate with the player.

Background colors in SimCity 4

Advisors in SimCity 4 have different background colors, which mean different things, and generally reflect the advisor's mood towards a certain event that occurred, or is occurring in the player's city. If the background color is green, it means that particular department is doing well in the city, and the advisor is praising for the work. If their background color is grey/light blue, it means that they either do not have anything out of ordinary to report to the player at the moment, or they need to advise the player on things that they should change in their city.

If their background color is red, it usually means that it is a problem that need attention. At this point, they will usually alert through a pop-up dialog, to make sure that the player know what the problem is immediately. If their background color is a flashing red, it means that there is an apparent emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. This usually occurs during disasters, such as riots, fires, and other problems that require the player's intervention. Again, at this point they will usually alert through a pop-up dialog to avoid continued damage or unrest in the city.

List of advisors

SimCity 3000

SimCity 4


  • Through the use of cheats, the player can turn the advisors into Llamas.
  • In SimCity 4, the advisors are animated, and will be able to see their reactions based on their mood.
  • The same panel of advisors will appear, regardless of how many cities you create, or how long you spend playing them. This is only the pre-set panel of advisors available to you.
  • In SimCity (2013), instead of a small panel of advisors, you now have advisors for each department.